Welcome to C-GIT.EU Custom Guitars

Besides of my regular work, I build and refurbish guitars since many of years.

All guitars on this website are custom made
or preowned guitars, refurbished and customised by myself.

I prefer to finish guitars in oil and wax instead of lacquer witch prevents wood vibrating.
The sound of an oiled guitar is much better and has longer sustain.
The bad thing is the long finishing process. I put about 15 -20 layers Tru-Oil
on my guitars. Then another 5 layers carnauba wax, as well hand polished.
It takes four weeks to finish the guitar because every layer has to dry properly.

The next step was, to cover a guitar body in fur or real hides.
I started with a spare body and covered it in fake fur.
The next step was a real cowhide. It looks amazing.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.


Cowhide Telecaster (sold)






Custom Strat BK






Vintage Les Paul






Yamaha Pacifica






Ibanez Destroyer (sold)